Late Talkers


Speech-Language Therapy

They're happy.  They're healthy.  Everything is going well.

But, they're not really talking yet...

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Maybe they're just quiet, let's wait.

Waiting Is Risky

They might be fine, or they might be struggling to understand and use language.  In these early years, it's nearly impossible to tell the difference without a thorough language evaluation.  Waiting and postponing therapy if it really is needed will likely leave them even further behind their peers.

These skills are the foundation on which all other language and academic skills are based.

Our recommendation?

If they're not talking as much as others...

If you have a feeling that something isn't right...

If you're told that they'll start talking "soon"...

If someone says it's because boys talk later...

Get an Evaluation

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Not sure what they should be doing at their age?  Check out our Milestones page!

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