What is phonological retrieval?

Thinking of sounds when you see letters.

The ability to recall the speech sounds associated with letters.  When attempting to read or spell a word, a child having difficulty with phonological retrieval will struggle to remember the sound each letter or letter combination represents.  This will make reading and spelling at the word level extremely difficult.

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But they can read.

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Speech-Language Therapy


Reading & Dyslexia

How We Help

What is phonological memory?

Speech sound memory.

The storage of sounds in temporary short-term working memory.  We use this skill when remembering how much to pay a cashier, repeating a phone number until we're able to write it down, and recalling the sounds in a word as we attempt to sound it out or spell it.  If a child can't keep track of the sounds they're attempting to use, reading and spelling will be very challenging.

Many skills and skill levels are involved in literacy... and we haven't even mentioned vocabulary or sentences, yet!

When Needed, We Begin at the Beginning

Struggling with letters?  We'll teach letter-sound knowledge in a way that plays to their strengths.  Struggling to sound out words?  We'll teach the missing skills in a child-friendly way.

Kids begin making progress almost immediately...

and it gets better from there!

We also use these skills to take reading from the word level to the story level.  Even though they can read words, they may have trouble binding together the sounds they hear and say, the words they see and write, and the context and meaning of those words.  If this is the case, they'll stop and start as they read paragraphs and struggle with reading comprehension.


What is phonological processing?

Speech sound processing.

Our use of sounds to process and understand spoken and written language.  It includes skills such as phonological and phonemic awareness, phonological working memory, and phonological retrieval.  Weaknesses in these areas are usually the core weakness in reading and learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.

Why would a child struggling with reading or spelling need an SLP?

Because letters are speech sounds put down on paper.  Because we read and write language.  Because Speech-Language Pathologists are experts in speech sounds and language.

​Afterall, if you're not reading and writing language, what are you reading and writing?

What is phonological awareness?

The ability to think about the sounds in words.

The ability to analyze and manipulate the sound structure of a language.  An example is rhyming.  By changing the first sound in a word, you create a rhyme... cat, hat, rat, bat.  Difficulty in this area will lead to a slow-down in a child's ability to figure out how sounds work in words.  Unfortunately, if they're struggling with sounds, they will also struggle with letters, reading, and spelling.