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Speech & Language Resources

Books, Websites and Our Favorite Toys & Activities

to Help with Development, Behavior,

Speech, Language, Motor Skills... you name it!

For those of you who can't visit our office or who simply need a little extra help at home, this page is for you!

Below are some fabulous resourcesSome we found, some were recommended to us. In either case, we think they're worth a look. Keep in mind, Cheerful Chatter does NOT benefit from your purchases... we just want to help you help your child at home!

Each resource includes a blurb about what populations they are intended for and how you can use them as you pursue cheerful chatter.Tell us what you think!  If a product has changed and/or is no longer worth recommending, we will remove it from our site.

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Apraxia Kids

A nonprofit, publicly-funded charity that strengthens the support systems in the lives of children with apraxia so that each child is afforded their best opportunity to develop speech and communication

PROMPT Institute

FInd out what it is all about

ASHA on Childhood Apraxia of Speech

ASHA on Apraxia of Speech in Adults

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Taking Charge of ADHD: The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents

Book by Russell A Barkley

Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)

Website with resources & support for ADHD


Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Samsung Wemogee
A New Communication Tool for People with Language Disorders

ASHA on Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Autism & Sensory Processing

​Asperger's... What Does It Mean To Me?

A Workbook Explaining Self Awareness & Life Lessons to the Child or Youth with​ High-Functioning Autism or Asperger's

Book by Catherine Faherty

  • This resource was recommended to us long ago by a parent.  

  • It helps children understand their diagnosis and explains to others who they are inside.

  • A must have for high-functioning children on the spectrum!

Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Family's Triumph Over Autism

Book by Catherine Maurice

  • ​She learned words, but then lost them.  There was hope in miracle cures, but then devastation,

  • ​While the therapy described may be a little outdated by today's standards, it is the story of what a family experiences before, during and after a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder

Book by Carol Stock Kranowitz

  • ​Sensory Processing Disorder is a common and frequently misdiagnosed problem in which the central nervous system misinterprets messages from the senses

  • The new edition features additional information on visual and hearing deficits, motor skill difficulties, ADHD, autism, Asperger syndrome, and other related disorders

FACES 4 Autism

A non-profit organization & support network

ASHA on Autism


1-2-3 MAGIC: 3-Step Discipline for Calm, Effective, and Happy Parenting
Book by Thomas W Phelan

  • Ellen has been recommending this book for at least 10 years!

  • It helps explain how and why children do what they do... from hitting and kicking to all-out tantrums. 

  • Then, it goes on to teach you what to do about it. It will save your sanity!

Down Syndrome

​Expecting Adam: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic
Book by Martha Beck

  • ​A funny, down-to-earth autobiographical journey of a mother (a driven Harvard graduate) who discovers you can't rely on reason and science when raising a son with Down syndrome

Count Us In: Growing Up with Down Syndrome 

Book by Jason Kingsley & Mitchell Levitz

Education & Advocacy Issues

What is an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?

What is a 504 Plan?

SPAN Parent Advocacy Network

​Welcome to Holland

​A Parent's Perspective on Raising a Child with a Disability

Executive Function Skills

Smart but Scattered:

The Revolutionary "Executive Skills" Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential

Book by Peg Dawson, EdD & Richard Guare, PhD

Feeding & Swallowing

ASHA on Feeding & Swallowing Disorders in Children

ASHA on Swallowing Disorders in Adults

ASHA on Swallowing Problems after Head & Neck Cancer

Health Insurance, Payment & Safety Resources

ASHA on Adding Therapy Benefits to your Medical Insurance Policy

Small Steps in Speech

Assists children with speech and language disorders by funding supplemental therapies and treatments for individuals

UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation

Helps families gain access to the care they need through medical grants

​Project Lifesaver

​A search & rescue program designed for "at-risk" individuals who are prone to the life threatening behavior of wandering away

Language & Play Skills...  they go hand-in-hand

Teach Me to Play WITH You: Easy Games, Songs and Play Activities to Teach Social Interaction to Toddlers and Young Preschoolers with Language Delays
Book by Laura E Mize

  • Play, Language and cognitive skills all develop together... they go hand in hand

  • When there is a problem in one area, there are likely problems in the other two areas, as well

  • Don't forget about play skills... they're crucial to the development of cognitive and language skills as you now know, but also creative, social and emotional skills!

ASHA on Language Disorders in Preschool-Aged Children

Reading & Writing

Center for Early Literacy Learning

Promoting the adoption and sustained use of evidence-based early literacy learning practices​

ASHA on Reading, Spelling & Writing​

Sign Language & Hearing Loss

Signing For Kids: Expanded Edition
Book by Mickey Flodin

  • I love, love, love his dictionaries! If you are using signs at home to help your child communicate, this is a must have.

  • The explanations of what to do and the pictures of the signs are clear as a bell!

Signing TIME!

Two Little Hands Productions

  • Teach American Sign Language to toddlers
  • Increase communication and language skills while decreasing behaviors

Baby SIgn Language

Increase communication and language skills while decreasing behaviors

ASHA on Hearing, Hearing Loss & Assistive Technology

Social Skills & Social Communication

friends forever: How Parents Can Help Their Kids Make and Keep Good Friends

Book by Fred Frankel, PhD

  • This is a MUST HAVE for all parents of children who struggle with social skills and friendship!

  • It was written by Fred Frankel, PhD... one of the original researchers at UCLA who helped launch the PEERS family of programs and resources.

  • This book is best suited for children in their elementary years

  • If looking for a resource for teens and young adults, look below.

The Science of Making Friends: Helping Socially Challenged Teens & Young Adults

Book by Elizabeth A Laugeson, PsyD

  • Ellen would love to make this book required reading for parents of children in our PEERS Social Skills Groups!

  • This is the go-to guide for parents who want to refine their skills as Social Coaches.

  • Find out what teens and young adults should do, should not do, and how they can improve their skills and solve everyday, social problems.

  • In addition, a DVD full of amazing videos designed to help teach social skills is included.

How Not to Be a Dick: An Everyday Etiquette Guide

Book by Meghan Doherty

  • A socially and emotionally intelligent guide to expected social behaviors with humorous "Dick and Jane" style pictures.

ASHA on Social Communication

Stuttering & Cluttering

The Stuttering Foundation

Free online resources, services and support​

ASHA on Stuttering & Cluttering


First, some explanation about ALL of the toys below...  They're Ellen's favorites! 

When you come to the office, ask to see them.  Either the identical product or something very similar (many are very old) is hidden in the cabinets.  Now, you might be wondering what guides our selection?  Well, all toys must meet some criteria:

  1. Children can do things to or with them... batteries don't make them work, Children Do!

  2. They are related to the real world and/or teach a developmental skill

  3. They're durable!

                                    Now, on to the fun stuff...

Toys & Activities for the 3-6 month level

The Pout Pout Fish!

Produced by MerryMakers

  • The Pout Pout Fish series of books (you'll see them below) is an absolute favorite!

  • Because they're highly recommend for rhyming (a pre-reading skill) & vocabulary development, you might as well start your baby early.

  • Stuffed animals are wonderful toys at this age and become playmates when children begin engaging in symbolic play

Toys & Activities for the 6-9 month level

​Playgo Giraffe Activity Center

  • I can't find the version I've used in therapy for over a decade, but this is very, very close.

  • At this age, the fun is in the different sized cups and all the banging, dropping and mouthing they can do with them.

  • Even better, the toy will grow as they do... literally! As their visual and fine-motor skills improve, they'll learn to build a tower, knock it down and use the included shape sorter.

​Playgro Rainbow Sort 'n' Stack Tower

The newest rendition of the most classic toy. Ellen still remembers playing with hers.

​Toys & Activities for the 12-15 month level

​Pout Pout Fish Board Books!

A series of books by Deborah Diesen

  • Board books are colorful, extremely educational and durable!

  • Ellen's number one recommendation is to read to your child every day.  Every. Single. Day.

  • Reading to children fosters a love of literacy while teaching language without even trying. Start from day one!

Toys & Activities for Toddlers

Oversized Bean Bag Chair

This is the very same one you'll find in our office

Toys & Activities for Preschool-Aged Children

Look 'n Cook Microwave Cookbook

A Simple Wooden Dollhouse

This is the very same one you'll find in our office

Pout Pout Fish Hardcover Books

Revisit these classic stories for preschool and early elementary-aged children.  The artwork, stories, rhyming, alliteration and vocabulary can't be beat!

Toys & Activities for School-Aged Children

Heart of Surfing

​​Offers a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation activities for special needs individuals aged 5 to 95 and their families

Sports Unity Program

​Organized Sports for Special Needs Children and their Buddies

Champions Club at Fresh Start Church

Provides caring environments of faith and hope for individuals with special needs


​                                    More Coming Soon...