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Evaluations & Therapy

PEERS Social Skills Groups

Speech-Language Evaluations, Therapy, Groups & Workshops

We can help!

Autism & Developmental Disabilities

Conversation & Social Skills Training

Late Talkers & Language Impairments

Apraxia, Articulation & Phonological Processing

The field of speech language pathology is huge! Cheerful Chatter in Voorhees, NJ is here to help with special needs and communication disorders of all kinds.  Speech and language evaluations, therapy and social skills groups are available to our clients. Inquire today.


Discounted Initial Consultation

Not sure if speech language therapy is necessary? Want to meet the therapist first to make sure they are the right fit? We understand. Let's meet and discuss your concerns. Initial 30-minute consultations are available at a discounted rate.

Targeted Evaluations

Only concerned about one set of skills? Cheerful Chatter's responsive team will respect your wishes and concerns.

Comprehensive Evaluations

Speech development. Language development. Social skills development. Cheerful Chatter will work with you to determine your child's strengths and weaknesses.  Everything will be explained in a clearly worded, detailed, written report.

Independent Evaluations for Local Schools

Parents: Do you want a second opinion? Schools: Are you in need of a little extra support?

Cheerful Chatter is here to help. We contract directly with schools on an as-needed basis to support the children in your community.


Individual Therapy

Once per week or multiple times per week. 30 minutes of direct therapy. We know life is busy... we'll work with your schedule.

At Cheerful Chatter, you can relax in the waiting room while watching a live stream of your child's therapy session!

To make sure you know exactly how to help your child, direct parent training is also provided at the end of every session.

On-Site Therapeutic Services

Cheerful Chatter is available on a limited basis to support local schools and their students.

Groups, Classes & Workshops

PEERS Social Skills Groups: Click here

It Takes Two To Talk: Workshop for Parents and Caregivers

Be their Language Coach. At home. All day. Everyday.

This workshop is for parents of children struggling to learn language. Nothing could be better for a child struggling to communicate than consistent, real-time, in-the-moment feedback from their loving parent. Our It Takes Two To Talk Certified Provider will walk you through the stages of language development and teach you how to teach your child in a family-focused environment. Become a Language Coach.


Interaction-promoting strategies

Language-modeling strategies

Early language intervention

Child-oriented behaviors

Social support