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​​​​​PEERS: Social Skills Classes

Is your middle or high school student or young adult struggling with conversations, socializing or making friends? Consider PEERS! Cheerful Chatter is the first to offer PEERS in southern New Jersey!


PEERS: Research-based. Evidence-based. Parent-assisted.

The one that works! Each of these interventions were developed at UCLA after decades of research and numerous clinical trials to ensure their effectiveness. Our Certified Provider will teach your child how to socialize with their peers.












Problems & Solutions

"My son has been in his social skills group for years."

  • Years?  As therapists, our job is to discover, create and use approaches that really work.  The goal is to teach needed skills in a way that results in genuine, measurable progress across multiple people and various settings... efficiently and thoroughly.  It should not take years.  
  • PEERS is designed to be taken once!

"We can't find a group that meets his needs."

  • PEERS was designed for individuals who are often left out... either because they're too smart or too old.
  • PEERS helps children and young adults when they need it most!

"He loves his social skills group and he's made friends there, but he still struggles at school."

  • "Friendship-matching" groups are based on the assumption that because kids share the same diagnosis (for example, an allergy to cats), they'll be friends (for example, with all others that are allergic to cats).  
  • Unfortunately, life does not work that way. Friendships are based on common interests, not diagnoses.
  • "Skill-based" groups... like PEERS... use an individual's strengths to teach the skills with which they struggle.  This approach teaches children how to find the friends they want, initiate conversations and create true friendships... wherever they may be!

Teens and Young Adults find their niche.

Parents become their Social Coach.

  • 18 classes & 36 hours of therapy... it's intense!  But, that is what it takes to teach the "how-to's" of conversations, social skills, friendship... and most importantly... how and when to use those skills!
  • Clients and parents attend together! Each class includes a concrete lesson, in-class practice during socialization activities, helpful handouts, homework and time just for parents.  
  • Lessons include: Conversational Skills, Expanding Social Opportunities, Choosing Appropriate Friends, Developing Friendships, How to Hang-Out, Handling Disagreements & Arguments, Responding to Teasing... Young Adults also receive four lessons on dating etiquette.  The course is complete with a Graduation Party... progress like this needs to be celebrated!



On TV & In the Papers

PEERS has been featured in newspapers, on websites and in broadcasts throughout the country and around the world.  It works that well! The links below will lead you straight to each source... Interested in the research?  Click here.

Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson, Psy.D. &

Ellen McSpadden, MA, CCC-SLP, CAS

​Speech-Language Pathologist & Certified Autism Specialist

Social Skills Classes

Cheerful Chatter & PEERS

The One that Works!

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